How TWOWS Play An Important Role For Women In science For Developing Word.

TWOWS stands for the third world organization in science that was drawn up to encourage women to be the part of the science world.  This organization is independent and non-profit and works for women in science. The headquarters of this third world organization in science is Italy, TWAS, and Trieste. TWOWS is coming from the OWSD (Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World) that appreciate the postgraduate women in science by honoring the brilliance of the women scientists with an award. In fourth general meeting and international conference held in 2010 where the members of the organization selected a new name for the organization and the name was Third world organization in science (TWOWS) the primary reason for this organization to inspire the women to initiate their career in science for the developing nation.

founderThis third world organization in science works as per their objectives. These objects are specifically used to work for women in science so that they can develop their career in science and be the proud part of the science world. This organization contains several thoughts, hard work of the expert to bring their interest in science. It offers several career opportunities for women in the science world and also provides research training to help them out to build their career in this science field. They also award those women who play a significant role in developing the standards of science and contributing to increasing the science world.

Here are some of the objectives that are utilized by the third world organization in science. This is as follows:

    • The third world organization in science works to promote the women to contribute to the development of the world of science.
    • They desire to boost the efficiency and productivity of science.
    • They offer the several prospects for education, career, and contribution to science and technology.
    • This organization encourages the people to participate in the decision-making procedure at national and international level.

This organization collaborates with several institutions or organizations from the several years and has vast team members including one thousand six hundred sixty-two individuals, twenty-five institutional members, and eighty-three developing countries. They work directly with TWAS and AAAs (The American Association of the Advancement of Science) to honor with the award to the women scientist to contributing in the scientific world.

The subject area of the award is Biological science, engineering science, and physical science. The award winner women say that this award makes them able to work more confidently and give them more opportunities to explore their talent. They also get cash prize five thousand (5,000) USD, and they offer all the expenses of your trip to attend the award function. Women can take significant advantage from this organization. So, we can say that the third world organization in science plays a vital role for women in science for developing the world.

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